Condition: one wheel

Condition: one wheel The teacher shows to the child hare and suggests to construct to it a lodge.

The construction set is on other side of the room therefore it should be transported by lorry.

Condition: one wheel in the car is not strengthened.

The car starts being carried, the wheel jumps aside, and the car bends sideways, does not go.

The child has to find out that the wheel jumped aside, and then to strengthen a wheel a wrench.

In case of difficulty the teacher helps the child to find the reason why the car bent, and to eliminate breakage.

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Children options; difficulties at ways, possible dangers a railway crossing, the narrow road, the bridge options; prohibition signs journey is forbidden, overtaking is forbidden, restriction of speed options; the paper strips representing this road; toy bus; green circles.

Occupation course.

Children take seat round the shifted tables on which the branched path is displayed from paper.

The teacher puts the bus at the beginning of a path and speaks: Work of the driver necessary and difficult.

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Under our conditions

Under our conditions Paul Bragg recommends to drink only the distilled water.

Under our conditions it is almost inaccessible.

It is possible to carry out starvation simply on boiled water.

Try to visit with the child the wood, to resemble more in park, in the fresh air but not to sunbathe!


In day of starvation it is necessary to take the th time a pleasant comfortable shower or a heat bath.

If the child got used to contrast water procedures, instead of warm it is better to make contrast procedures.

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In words

In words This feature of the Russian system of the letter defines the leading principle of the Russian graphics syllabic.

It is that separately taken letter almost can be never read as its reading depends on the subsequent letter.

In words ONIONS and HATCH the first letter l, but in the first case it should be correlated to a firm sound l, and in the second with soft in l, on what the vowels standing after it at and bb specify.

Thus, as the sound equivalent of a letter can be found only in combination with other letters, in a modern technique of training in the diploma the syllabic position principle of reading is accepted.

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Date ARITHMETIC They can use both on subject materials, and on special loose printed pages.

Where exercise In childrens groups of the House of Maria Montessori in Moscow, at free schools of France was applied.

Date ARITHMETIC SIGNS Age years The exercise purpose Ability to make examples on various arithmetic actions.

Material A box with two offices, in one of which plastic or cardboard plates are put with the image of figures from to , and in other plastic signs +, it is more, it is less.

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