Material Studying of the alphabet through tactile feelings.

Preparation for the letter, correlation of a sound and its simvolabukva.

Material On plates from a thick cardboard or on plates rough letters from sandy or velvet paper are pasted.

Font written.

The background of plates blue or pink, depending on to what sound public or concordant corresponds a letter.

In separate boxes capital letters and capital are put.

The description of work The child puts before himself a box with rough letters and takes out from it one of plates.

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And by no means

And by no means Inspection in the absence of parents, but in the presence of the grandmother perhaps only from the written consent of parents.

And by no means it is impossible to examine the child if parents are absent, and on primary inspection he is accompanied by other relatives: brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces, and also neighbors in the house.

In this case inspection of the child possibly only in the presence at them the notarized power of attorney.

First of all it is necessary to come into contact with parents.

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To porridge, etc. Unfortunately, this

To porridge, etc. Unfortunately, this Such situation is inadmissible!

Many authors pointed to importance of observance of this principle the principle of phonetic availability: F.


of Pay, E.


of Pay, M.


Hvattsev, N.


Nikashina, HECTARE.

To porridge, etc.

Unfortunately, this major principle of logopedics is quite often ignored both in special literature, and in practice.

The term calling of a sound, on our representation, is more preferable, than statement of a sound, especially in cases of correction of a pronunciation on imitation.

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But now on our way there

But now on our way there Rotation by hands forward back.

times in each party.

Exercise Jump through a stream At last it was succeeded to beat off from bugs and it is possible to go further.

But now on our way there was a twisting stream.

It is necessary to jump.

A role of a stream the jump rope will play.

Jumps through a jump rope two feet together, forward and back.


Exercise Do not crush a hedgehog Through a stream you passed, but, apparently, you came into the dwelling of hedgehogs.

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However Chutzpa, pride and not constraining Jews The American Jews were distinguished from the students answering our questions of shyness.

More than timid again and again came to light us among thousands of interrogated people of the most various nationalities.

However only of the American Jews considered themselves timid.

Besides, most of the American Jews extroverts, and even if their shyness was shown, it was situational.

Though it is necessary to show care, generalizing results, very weak distribution of shyness among Jews is very seductive conclusion.

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