Here still

Here still And he can draw.

Before he could not even draw a straight line, and now he draws things which strike as if they books or real objects such as crabs, snails or toy dinosaurs.

His life changed radically thanks to development of software.

Here still example.

The boy four years and four months suffers from autism.

He was also admitted to us to school on the Development of Software program as he could not tell words.

But soon it became very talkative, always asks the question why?

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Material Chapter Exercises in development of muscles of hands and a small motility School of free selfdevelopment Language CLOTHESPEGS IN THE BASKET Age years Exercise purpose Development of a small motility of three main fingers of a hand big, index and average.

Preparation of a hand for the letter.

Material A basket with wooden clothespins.

Edges of a basket should not be too thick.

A basket it is possible replaced, a flat figure from a thick cardboard.

The description of work The child puts on the workplace a basket with clothespegs.

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Number Finger color Age: years.

Number of players: Edible paint for drawing by fingers can be made of milk and food dye.

To achieve a paint consistence, more convenient for work, it is possible to mix it with the starch divorced in water.

We draw a pudding Age: years.

Number of players: If to mix one package of a vanilla pudding and a half a water cup, it is good to stir, add food dyes, one more option of edible paint for fingers will turn out.

For brown color use a chocolate pudding.

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The experimental

The experimental If total value exceeded +o plus two sigma, it indicated the low level of mastering reading and such child was a part of experimental group group of pupils with violation of reading , The control group included pupils of the first the fourth classes without reading violations.

The experimental group was made by children of the same age having reading violation.

Thus, according to our research of of younger school students experience difficulties in mastering skill of reading various degree of expressiveness.

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Inspection does not assume the high level of frankness from parents though it is possible in the presence of a consent of parents.

Inspection in the absence of parents, but in the presence of the grandmother perhaps only from the written consent of parents.

And by no means it is impossible to examine the child if parents are absent, and on primary inspection he is accompanied by other relatives: brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces, and also neighbors to the hollow.

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