The threeyearold

The threeyearold Kostroma area to sound, for example, so: Hi, my name is Olga Evgenyevna.

And you as are called?

At atom degree of a razvernutost and officiality depends on age of the child.

The threeyearold kid can be presented as aunt Olya, and for the heavy bezrechevy child it is possible to be limited simply to the name Olya.

It does not influence authority of the logopedist, but facilitates contact with the child.

After acquaintance suggest the child to repeat once again your name or a name and a middle name to be convinced that the child remembered it and in case of need will be able to address to you.

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We offered

We offeredyu visual Gnostic and motor functions.

We offered system of the korrektsionnopedagogichesky work directed on prevention and overcoming of the dyslexia caused by primary not formation of visual functions which assumes formation of visual Gnostic and visual motor components.

At development and correction of visual Gnostic functions the main attention is paid to the following types of work: to development of any visual attention; to development of skills of the visual analysis and synthesis; to development of a visual memory.

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The Greek

The Greek The Greek names Astrologers correlate them to an aggressive sign of Twins: Alexander, Andrey, Alexey, Anatoly, Vasily, Grigory, Georgy, Denis, Dmitry, Evgeny, Leonid, Nikita, Nikolay, Pyotr, Anastasia, Alla, Veronika, Elena, Ekaterina, Ksenia, Irina, Larisa, Maya, Sofya, Tatyana, etc.

The Roman names the Astrological zodiac sign the Aries.

Here belong: Anton, Valentin, Konstantin, Maxim, Mark, Pavel, Roman, Sergey, Diana, Claudia, Marina, Natalya, Yulia, etc.

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At first

At first It is rational to conduct research in the direction from the general to the particular.

At first the expert reveals problems in development of the speech of the child, and then these problems are considered more fixedly, are exposed to the quantitative and qualitative analysis.

In each type of testing presentation of material is given from difficult to the simple.

It allows the child to finish each test successfully that creates additional motivation and a positive emotional spirit which, in turn, increase efficiency and duration of inspection.

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I believe

I believe Most of graduates of Sammerkhill never go to football matches, as well as are not interested in different other magnificent shows.

I believe that very few people from them would go to a long journey only to look at royal departure.

The splendor peculiar to such events has in itself something childrens their brightness, a strict order, slowness of movements by something remind the world of toys and the discharged dolls.

For this reason, probably, to women such things are pleasant more, tsemets to men.

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