And we already

And we already And we already gave rise to that!

Perhaps and to us that will fall intermittently?

But did not fall intermittently.

Though, in my opinion, to stimulate birth rate with money the same utopia, as well as to impose a tax on childlessness: happy will not be.

About us, of course, forgot, but I am revolted not bywith it.

And that beckoned people a sweet candy, and as a result put off, even did not put off yet but only promised to hand solemnly in three years after the childs birth!

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From a rodblok

From a rodblokMasha.

My friend Masha about her I did not write yet too gave birth in ohms maternity hospital.

We lay in the same medical institution, but impressions at us turned out absolutely polar.

From a rodblok Maria was directed on the third floor, in office where women after physiological childbirth stay together with children.

Chambers are, as a rule, counted for three + babies.

And all are completed chockfull!

And so is there was a nightmare.

If your child silently sleeps, so the stranger surely shouts.

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The child

The child The offered procedure can be used and in kindergarten.

Are put to a basin trichetyra with hot water and as much from the cold.

And children run across from one basins to another.

The principle of contrast of temperatures should be maintained and here: at first hot, then cold water.

Third option of a hardening.

The child bathes in a bathtub in the evening.

Lets it sit in a bathtub so much time, how many he wants, it is possible with toys.

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Admiring, the music

Admiring, the music Admiring, the music teacher asked Ms.

of N: it not such as all.

What for special education you gave it?


of N also told me that her daughter likes to go to lessons and it does not need to force it.

ability of language acquisition The child easily learns language.

Children learn the native languages or even the second and third languages without efforts while adults at whom LP dominates, with great difficulty try to learn at least one foreign language.

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From the identical

From the identical Letters r a tower ршю mixed up children in , of cases.

From the identical frequency pupils of the first the fourth classes mixed letters to N, d p, to in, e oh, h N accrues karastat, brocade pair.

Each of these mixtures met in , of cases.

In , of cases mixture of couples optically of similar letters and and, to x, with oh, in g t, N p the South ют is noted; told rendered.

The number of mixture of letters of m y, N in, d and, in d in, x at, about yu, y c shch whole shchely also was identical and made Reversions of letters and syllables We included the mistakes connected with violation of an order of reproduction of letters and syllables when reading the word in this group.

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