Near it there

Near it there FISHER TASK Equipment: subject picture: the boy, having reflected, sits about a reservoir, his one hand reaches for water, and another holds the head.

Near it there is a bucket.

Subjects are below represented: a stick, a stick with a string, a net, a rod, a stick with a ringlet, a jump rope fig.

Occupation course.

To the child suggest to consider the picture and to answer questions: What does the boy do?

What did he want to do about the river?

Tell the boy that he should take to catch fish.

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Love Color

Love Color A stone gagate, malachite.

Lily Color blue, lilac softer warm shades.

ZZ the Cancer, Fishes especially Lyals form, is a little Scales.

Will not make excellent couple with signs of Earth and Fire.

A stone pearls, amber.

Love Color green, salad, emerald bright shades.

ZZ the Scorpion, Scales, is a little Lev and Telets a form Lyubava.

Strong character of the Maiden, the Capricorn and cold Aquarius with the Sagittarius pushes away.

A stone dioptase, pink quartz, chalcedony.

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I bring charges

I bring charges Harry complained that he spent the whole hour, lining a board for an entrance door, descended for a lunch and, having returned, found out that Billey turned it into a shelf.

I bring charges against boys who borrowed and did not return my soldering set.

My wife makes noise because three kids who came after a dinner and declared that they are hungry, received on a piece of bread with jam, and next morning bread rolled in the hall.


Petersburg sadly Reports that in a potters workshop our robbers threw Each other its precious clay.

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This method

This method At detection of the hidden properties and communications of object children use a trial and error method which in certain vital circumstances is necessary and only.

This method is based on rejection of the wrong options of action and fixing correct, productive and, thus, carries out a role of cogitative operation.

At the solution of problem practical tasks there is an identification, discovery of properties and the relations of subjects or phenomena, are found the hidden, internal properties of subjects.

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Teach the child

Teach the child Dependence is similar to the candied candy well to find it at once, it will allow not to break to itself teeth.

Teach the child to be responsible for the acts as soon as he is able to do it.

Write down reciprocal actions of each child and take out on the second leaf the actions in relation to it, write down your wishes to the kid.

Try to transfer points at sight of wishes to a leaf of fulfilments.

Discuss these duties with your child.

Look, whether there are other paragraphs.

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