A stone

A stone A stone turquoise.

Vladlen Color white, turquoise and blue.

ZZ Aquarius, the Capricorn especially conformable Vlad.

A stone amethyst.

Vsevolod Color it is gray blue and it is white the lemon.

ZZ the Maiden, Aquarius.

Is not suitable for Fire signs.

A stone pearls.

Vyacheslav Color cornflowerblue and lilac.

ZZ the Cancer, the Sagittarius, Fishes.

A stone a jasper.

Gennady Color excellent gray and orange.

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Children More than once I managed to wake the started missing meeting, having suggested to cancel the second dishes, for example.

The slightest signs of kitchen favoritism are severely stopped.

But when the kitchen raises a question of the food vanishing in vain meeting does not show a particular interest.

Children have a relation to food very personal and egoistical.

At general meetings no theoretical discussions are allowed.

Children are amazingly practical, and theories are boring for them.

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Shyness a special

Shyness a special Japanese feel shyness stronger, than all other nationalities, testing it actually in all spheres of public life.

Shyness a special problem for the men who got to a trap of conflict cultural requirements: to be prepotent in a house situation and to show passivity in all other situations.

In Japan and on Taiwan the percent of the timid is much higher among men, than among women.

This serious difference from any other culture where these ratios or are equal USA, or percent of timid women exceeds percent of timid men Israel, Mexico and India.

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To get a ball, children

To get a ball, children GAME GET THE BALL!

Equipment: a ball, a net with a long stick.

Occupation course.

Game is held in a hall.

Playing with children a ball, the teacher incidentally rolls up it under a case.

To get a ball, children have to use a net with a long stick which needs to be brought from the group room.

At difficulty the teacher reminds children that the subject which will help them to get a ball lies in the group room.

After performance of a task the teacher generalizes: If it is impossible to touch, it is always necessary to look for that will help.

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Potato Where he visited?

What is in Nufnufs basket?

Where he visited?

Exercise Help Dunno: Correct Neznaykina errors.

Potato grows on a bog.

Apple grows under a bush.

The eggplant grows on a bush.

The pear grows in the wood.

The peach grows on a firtree.

Exercise of Rasskazhik: Make stories about vegetables and fruit according to the offered evident plan.

Answer sample: Apple is fruit.

It red green, yellow, round, sweet, juicy, grows in a garden.

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