Why mother

Why mother She told that even if to me is uninteresting to watch game, out of respect for it I could pretend to be and behave as my roommate.

I know that I am not especially emotional person, but I love sport, and this game was pleasant to me it confoundedly finished.

Why mother considers himself to have the right to estimate so the child?

After all to seed shyness seeds, it is enough to confirm his worst fears: everyone potentially is the Great Inquisitor, even mother.

To understand how the school and a house situation influence timid children, we visited each step of nurseries and youthful classes at many Californian schools and have a talk with parents of pupils.

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At preschool

At preschool At preschool age material in which in oral speech it is rather accurately possible to distinguish existence of a grammatical link between words is shown to children generally.

Therefore you should not demand without special training from preschool children of coordination on average noun gender and adjectives, and also verbs of past tense as these terminations, except percussions, are exposed to a phonetic reduction and are not obvious neither when pronouncing, nor at perception.

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It is laudable

It is laudable Children do not have enough management.

It is laudable that the fifteenyearold girl can decide itself that she will learn French and German two languages which she neglected before but to allow it to try to achieve these objectives in hours of German and hours of French per week certainly a little irresponsibly.

Progress of this child was very slow, despite amazing dedication of the girl, and we think that it should provide much more time.

Inspectors, besides, believe that would be useful to organize something like tutoring to help children with planning of their work.

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Reading The comment Certainly, the first book of the kid is very primitive.

Picture word.

He more than once read so, working with other material.

But here a case special here it holds the present book in hand, thumbs through the present pages and does it with enviable ease.

Reading as if itself is included into the childs life, without violence and admonitions from the adult.

Where exercise In childrens groups of the House of Maria Montessori in Moscow and in other cities of Russia, in Montessori groups of other countries was applied.

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Walk with

Walk with Give it in hands a stick, of course, at the fairy of a dream it magic.

Turn off a ceiling light, having left small lighting.

Walk with the child on the house before going to bed.

The fairy concerns the magic wand of different subjects they fill up.

When all subjects fell asleep, there comes the turn of the fairy.

The child goes to bed and concerns a stick of himself.

Now it is possible to turn off the light.

Box of dreams Age: years.

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