At stops

At stops Note a bright point a place, from where you go to a way and where you have to arrive.

At stops the child can mark a pencil the next line of a way on the map.

On the following trip ask the child to show the way to you.

Let it give teams: Directly, On the left, To the right.

Press photographer Age: years.

Number of players: Take the camera in the road.

Entrust the child to take pictures on the car way.

When photos are ready, together with the child issue an albomputevoditel.

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It stretched

It stretched Next day I showed it five cards with the simple equations of type +=, += and +=, then showed it a card + and cards and and asked, what card correct.

It stretched to the correct answer.

Then I showed it cards on subtraction, and it also showed correctly.

I was surprised that my son for only a few seconds puts and will read, it seemed to me that this magic.

Children till six years are allocated with such ingenious mind, however at adults such abilities are absent.

Program in mathematics Glen Doman has a similar program in the book how to train your child in mathematics.

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The lexicon

The lexicon The main issue what is the basic in development of the newborn?

Language is fundamental means to open the newborns heart.

Especially love language.

In addition, there are two things which teachers and parents need to know both.

The lexicon is the most important, and cards with the text and the picture are the major tools.

Show to the child of a card with the text very quickly, and then he will learn with an improbable speed.

LP works at small speed, and software works at very high speed.

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More carefully

More carefully Further, gradually adding porridges, entirely to replace with it one chest feeding.

More carefully with cream of wheat!

It is better to begin thus with buckwheat or porridge.

And why not with a manna?

There are works showing that it promotes falling of hemoglobin in blood.

Besides, calcium and phosphorus communicate, and thus rickets is urged on.

And it at our children and so meets often.

Therefore it is up to one year better to do in general without semolina and mixes containing it.

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Choose subjects

Choose subjects Remember everything that you know and think of each of them, think over options of common interests.

Prepare and make for a start short personal or telephone contact.

Choose subjects for possible conversations and natural initial phrases.

Be ready to tell about themselves.

Explain that you want to have a talk, consult, check not for long yourself or to share chemto that can be interesting to the interlocutor.

Say goodbye.

Do not forget to express positive emotions at farewell.

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