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Condition: one wheel

The teacher shows to the child hare and suggests to construct to it a lodge.The construction set is on other side of the room therefore it should be transported by lorry.Condition: one wheel in the car is not strengthened.The car starts being carried, the wheel jumps aside, and the car bends sideways, does not go.The child has to find out that the wheel jumped aside, and then to strengthen a wheel a wrench.In case of difficulty the teacher helps the child to find the reason why the car bent, and to eliminate breakage.


options; difficulties at ways, possible dangers a railway crossing, the narrow road, the bridge options; prohibition signs journey is forbidden, overtaking is forbidden, restriction of speed options; the paper strips representing this road; toy bus; green circles.Occupation course.Children take seat round the shifted tables on which the branched path is displayed from paper.The teacher puts the bus at the beginning of a path and speaks: Work of the driver necessary and difficult.

Under our conditions

Paul Bragg recommends to drink only the distilled water.Under our conditions it is almost inaccessible.It is possible to carry out starvation simply on boiled water.Try to visit with the child the wood, to resemble more in park, in the fresh air but not to sunbathe!.In day of starvation it is necessary to take the th time a pleasant comfortable shower or a heat bath.If the child got used to contrast water procedures, instead of warm it is better to make contrast procedures.

In words

This feature of the Russian system of the letter defines the leading principle of the Russian graphics syllabic.It is that separately taken letter almost can be never read as its reading depends on the subsequent letter.In words ONIONS and HATCH the first letter l, but in the first case it should be correlated to a firm sound l, and in the second with soft in l, on what the vowels standing after it at and bb specify.Thus, as the sound equivalent of a letter can be found only in combination with other letters, in a modern technique of training in the diploma the syllabic position principle of reading is accepted.


They can use both on subject materials, and on special loose printed pages.Where exercise In childrens groups of the House of Maria Montessori in Moscow, at free schools of France was applied.Date ARITHMETIC SIGNS Age years The exercise purpose Ability to make examples on various arithmetic actions.Material A box with two offices, in one of which plastic or cardboard plates are put with the image of figures from to , and in other plastic signs +, it is more, it is less.


Studying of the alphabet through tactile feelings.Preparation for the letter, correlation of a sound and its simvolabukva.Material On plates from a thick cardboard or on plates rough letters from sandy or velvet paper are pasted.Font written.The background of plates blue or pink, depending on to what sound public or concordant corresponds a letter.In separate boxes capital letters and capital are put.The description of work The child puts before himself a box with rough letters and takes out from it one of plates.

And by no means

Inspection in the absence of parents, but in the presence of the grandmother perhaps only from the written consent of parents.And by no means it is impossible to examine the child if parents are absent, and on primary inspection he is accompanied by other relatives: brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces, and also neighbors in the house.In this case inspection of the child possibly only in the presence at them the notarized power of attorney.First of all it is necessary to come into contact with parents.

To porridge, etc. Unfortunately, this

But now on our way there

Rotation by hands forward back.times in each party.Exercise Jump through a stream At last it was succeeded to beat off from bugs and it is possible to go further.But now on our way there was a twisting stream.It is necessary to jump.A role of a stream the jump rope will play.Jumps through a jump rope two feet together, forward and back.times.Exercise Do not crush a hedgehog Through a stream you passed, but, apparently, you came into the dwelling of hedgehogs.


Chutzpa, pride and not constraining Jews The American Jews were distinguished from the students answering our questions of shyness.More than timid again and again came to light us among thousands of interrogated people of the most various nationalities.However only of the American Jews considered themselves timid.Besides, most of the American Jews extroverts, and even if their shyness was shown, it was situational.Though it is necessary to show care, generalizing results, very weak distribution of shyness among Jews is very seductive conclusion.

Here still

And he can draw.Before he could not even draw a straight line, and now he draws things which strike as if they books or real objects such as crabs, snails or toy dinosaurs.His life changed radically thanks to development of software.Here still example.The boy four years and four months suffers from autism.He was also admitted to us to school on the Development of Software program as he could not tell words.But soon it became very talkative, always asks the question why?


Chapter Exercises in development of muscles of hands and a small motility School of free selfdevelopment Language CLOTHESPEGS IN THE BASKET Age years Exercise purpose Development of a small motility of three main fingers of a hand big, index and average.Preparation of a hand for the letter.Material A basket with wooden clothespins.Edges of a basket should not be too thick.A basket it is possible replaced, a flat figure from a thick cardboard.The description of work The child puts on the workplace a basket with clothespegs.


Finger color Age: years.Number of players: Edible paint for drawing by fingers can be made of milk and food dye.To achieve a paint consistence, more convenient for work, it is possible to mix it with the starch divorced in water.We draw a pudding Age: years.Number of players: If to mix one package of a vanilla pudding and a half a water cup, it is good to stir, add food dyes, one more option of edible paint for fingers will turn out.For brown color use a chocolate pudding.

The experimental

If total value exceeded +o plus two sigma, it indicated the low level of mastering reading and such child was a part of experimental group group of pupils with violation of reading , The control group included pupils of the first the fourth classes without reading violations.The experimental group was made by children of the same age having reading violation.Thus, according to our research of of younger school students experience difficulties in mastering skill of reading various degree of expressiveness.


does not assume the high level of frankness from parents though it is possible in the presence of a consent of parents.Inspection in the absence of parents, but in the presence of the grandmother perhaps only from the written consent of parents.And by no means it is impossible to examine the child if parents are absent, and on primary inspection he is accompanied by other relatives: brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces, and also neighbors to the hollow.

The threeyearold

Kostroma area to sound, for example, so: Hi, my name is Olga Evgenyevna.And you as are called?At atom degree of a razvernutost and officiality depends on age of the child.The threeyearold kid can be presented as aunt Olya, and for the heavy bezrechevy child it is possible to be limited simply to the name Olya.It does not influence authority of the logopedist, but facilitates contact with the child.After acquaintance suggest the child to repeat once again your name or a name and a middle name to be convinced that the child remembered it and in case of need will be able to address to you.

We offered

yu visual Gnostic and motor functions.We offered system of the korrektsionnopedagogichesky work directed on prevention and overcoming of the dyslexia caused by primary not formation of visual functions which assumes formation of visual Gnostic and visual motor components.At development and correction of visual Gnostic functions the main attention is paid to the following types of work: to development of any visual attention; to development of skills of the visual analysis and synthesis; to development of a visual memory.

The Greek

The Greek names Astrologers correlate them to an aggressive sign of Twins: Alexander, Andrey, Alexey, Anatoly, Vasily, Grigory, Georgy, Denis, Dmitry, Evgeny, Leonid, Nikita, Nikolay, Pyotr, Anastasia, Alla, Veronika, Elena, Ekaterina, Ksenia, Irina, Larisa, Maya, Sofya, Tatyana, etc.The Roman names the Astrological zodiac sign the Aries.Here belong: Anton, Valentin, Konstantin, Maxim, Mark, Pavel, Roman, Sergey, Diana, Claudia, Marina, Natalya, Yulia, etc.

At first

It is rational to conduct research in the direction from the general to the particular.At first the expert reveals problems in development of the speech of the child, and then these problems are considered more fixedly, are exposed to the quantitative and qualitative analysis.In each type of testing presentation of material is given from difficult to the simple.It allows the child to finish each test successfully that creates additional motivation and a positive emotional spirit which, in turn, increase efficiency and duration of inspection.

I believe

Most of graduates of Sammerkhill never go to football matches, as well as are not interested in different other magnificent shows.I believe that very few people from them would go to a long journey only to look at royal departure.The splendor peculiar to such events has in itself something childrens their brightness, a strict order, slowness of movements by something remind the world of toys and the discharged dolls.For this reason, probably, to women such things are pleasant more, tsemets to men.

And we already

And we already gave rise to that!Perhaps and to us that will fall intermittently?But did not fall intermittently.Though, in my opinion, to stimulate birth rate with money the same utopia, as well as to impose a tax on childlessness: happy will not be.About us, of course, forgot, but I am revolted not bywith it.And that beckoned people a sweet candy, and as a result put off, even did not put off yet but only promised to hand solemnly in three years after the childs birth!

From a rodblok

Masha.My friend Masha about her I did not write yet too gave birth in ohms maternity hospital.We lay in the same medical institution, but impressions at us turned out absolutely polar.From a rodblok Maria was directed on the third floor, in office where women after physiological childbirth stay together with children.Chambers are, as a rule, counted for three + babies.And all are completed chockfull!And so is there was a nightmare.If your child silently sleeps, so the stranger surely shouts.

The child

The offered procedure can be used and in kindergarten.Are put to a basin trichetyra with hot water and as much from the cold.And children run across from one basins to another.The principle of contrast of temperatures should be maintained and here: at first hot, then cold water.Third option of a hardening.The child bathes in a bathtub in the evening.Lets it sit in a bathtub so much time, how many he wants, it is possible with toys.

Admiring, the music

Admiring, the music teacher asked Ms.of N: it not such as all.What for special education you gave it?Ms.of N also told me that her daughter likes to go to lessons and it does not need to force it.ability of language acquisition The child easily learns language.Children learn the native languages or even the second and third languages without efforts while adults at whom LP dominates, with great difficulty try to learn at least one foreign language.

From the identical

Letters r a tower ршю mixed up children in , of cases.From the identical frequency pupils of the first the fourth classes mixed letters to N, d p, to in, e oh, h N accrues karastat, brocade pair.Each of these mixtures met in , of cases.In , of cases mixture of couples optically of similar letters and and, to x, with oh, in g t, N p the South ют is noted; told rendered.The number of mixture of letters of m y, N in, d and, in d in, x at, about yu, y c shch whole shchely also was identical and made Reversions of letters and syllables We included the mistakes connected with violation of an order of reproduction of letters and syllables when reading the word in this group.

Near it there

FISHER TASK Equipment: subject picture: the boy, having reflected, sits about a reservoir, his one hand reaches for water, and another holds the head.Near it there is a bucket.Subjects are below represented: a stick, a stick with a string, a net, a rod, a stick with a ringlet, a jump rope fig.Occupation course.To the child suggest to consider the picture and to answer questions: What does the boy do?What did he want to do about the river?Tell the boy that he should take to catch fish.

Love Color

A stone gagate, malachite.Lily Color blue, lilac softer warm shades.ZZ the Cancer, Fishes especially Lyals form, is a little Scales.Will not make excellent couple with signs of Earth and Fire.A stone pearls, amber.Love Color green, salad, emerald bright shades.ZZ the Scorpion, Scales, is a little Lev and Telets a form Lyubava.Strong character of the Maiden, the Capricorn and cold Aquarius with the Sagittarius pushes away.A stone dioptase, pink quartz, chalcedony.

I bring charges

Harry complained that he spent the whole hour, lining a board for an entrance door, descended for a lunch and, having returned, found out that Billey turned it into a shelf.I bring charges against boys who borrowed and did not return my soldering set.My wife makes noise because three kids who came after a dinner and declared that they are hungry, received on a piece of bread with jam, and next morning bread rolled in the hall.St.Petersburg sadly Reports that in a potters workshop our robbers threw Each other its precious clay.

This method

At detection of the hidden properties and communications of object children use a trial and error method which in certain vital circumstances is necessary and only.This method is based on rejection of the wrong options of action and fixing correct, productive and, thus, carries out a role of cogitative operation.At the solution of problem practical tasks there is an identification, discovery of properties and the relations of subjects or phenomena, are found the hidden, internal properties of subjects.

Teach the child

Dependence is similar to the candied candy well to find it at once, it will allow not to break to itself teeth.Teach the child to be responsible for the acts as soon as he is able to do it.Write down reciprocal actions of each child and take out on the second leaf the actions in relation to it, write down your wishes to the kid.Try to transfer points at sight of wishes to a leaf of fulfilments.Discuss these duties with your child.Look, whether there are other paragraphs.

A stone

A stone turquoise.Vladlen Color white, turquoise and blue.ZZ Aquarius, the Capricorn especially conformable Vlad.A stone amethyst.Vsevolod Color it is gray blue and it is white the lemon.ZZ the Maiden, Aquarius.Is not suitable for Fire signs.A stone pearls.Vyacheslav Color cornflowerblue and lilac.ZZ the Cancer, the Sagittarius, Fishes.A stone a jasper.Gennady Color excellent gray and orange.


More than once I managed to wake the started missing meeting, having suggested to cancel the second dishes, for example.The slightest signs of kitchen favoritism are severely stopped.But when the kitchen raises a question of the food vanishing in vain meeting does not show a particular interest.Children have a relation to food very personal and egoistical.At general meetings no theoretical discussions are allowed.Children are amazingly practical, and theories are boring for them.

Shyness a special

Japanese feel shyness stronger, than all other nationalities, testing it actually in all spheres of public life.Shyness a special problem for the men who got to a trap of conflict cultural requirements: to be prepotent in a house situation and to show passivity in all other situations.In Japan and on Taiwan the percent of the timid is much higher among men, than among women.This serious difference from any other culture where these ratios or are equal USA, or percent of timid women exceeds percent of timid men Israel, Mexico and India.

To get a ball, children

GAME GET THE BALL!Equipment: a ball, a net with a long stick.Occupation course.Game is held in a hall.Playing with children a ball, the teacher incidentally rolls up it under a case.To get a ball, children have to use a net with a long stick which needs to be brought from the group room.At difficulty the teacher reminds children that the subject which will help them to get a ball lies in the group room.After performance of a task the teacher generalizes: If it is impossible to touch, it is always necessary to look for that will help.


Where he visited?What is in Nufnufs basket?Where he visited?Exercise Help Dunno: Correct Neznaykina errors.Potato grows on a bog.Apple grows under a bush.The eggplant grows on a bush.The pear grows in the wood.The peach grows on a firtree.Exercise of Rasskazhik: Make stories about vegetables and fruit according to the offered evident plan.Answer sample: Apple is fruit.It red green, yellow, round, sweet, juicy, grows in a garden.

Why mother

She told that even if to me is uninteresting to watch game, out of respect for it I could pretend to be and behave as my roommate.I know that I am not especially emotional person, but I love sport, and this game was pleasant to me it confoundedly finished.Why mother considers himself to have the right to estimate so the child?After all to seed shyness seeds, it is enough to confirm his worst fears: everyone potentially is the Great Inquisitor, even mother.To understand how the school and a house situation influence timid children, we visited each step of nurseries and youthful classes at many Californian schools and have a talk with parents of pupils.

At preschool

At preschool age material in which in oral speech it is rather accurately possible to distinguish existence of a grammatical link between words is shown to children generally.Therefore you should not demand without special training from preschool children of coordination on average noun gender and adjectives, and also verbs of past tense as these terminations, except percussions, are exposed to a phonetic reduction and are not obvious neither when pronouncing, nor at perception.

It is laudable

Children do not have enough management.It is laudable that the fifteenyearold girl can decide itself that she will learn French and German two languages which she neglected before but to allow it to try to achieve these objectives in hours of German and hours of French per week certainly a little irresponsibly.Progress of this child was very slow, despite amazing dedication of the girl, and we think that it should provide much more time.Inspectors, besides, believe that would be useful to organize something like tutoring to help children with planning of their work.


The comment Certainly, the first book of the kid is very primitive.Picture word.He more than once read so, working with other material.But here a case special here it holds the present book in hand, thumbs through the present pages and does it with enviable ease.Reading as if itself is included into the childs life, without violence and admonitions from the adult.Where exercise In childrens groups of the House of Maria Montessori in Moscow and in other cities of Russia, in Montessori groups of other countries was applied.

Walk with

Give it in hands a stick, of course, at the fairy of a dream it magic.Turn off a ceiling light, having left small lighting.Walk with the child on the house before going to bed.The fairy concerns the magic wand of different subjects they fill up.When all subjects fell asleep, there comes the turn of the fairy.The child goes to bed and concerns a stick of himself.Now it is possible to turn off the light.Box of dreams Age: years.

At stops

Note a bright point a place, from where you go to a way and where you have to arrive.At stops the child can mark a pencil the next line of a way on the map.On the following trip ask the child to show the way to you.Let it give teams: Directly, On the left, To the right.Press photographer Age: years.Number of players: Take the camera in the road.Entrust the child to take pictures on the car way.When photos are ready, together with the child issue an albomputevoditel.

It stretched

Next day I showed it five cards with the simple equations of type +=, += and +=, then showed it a card + and cards and and asked, what card correct.It stretched to the correct answer.Then I showed it cards on subtraction, and it also showed correctly.I was surprised that my son for only a few seconds puts and will read, it seemed to me that this magic.Children till six years are allocated with such ingenious mind, however at adults such abilities are absent.Program in mathematics Glen Doman has a similar program in the book how to train your child in mathematics.

The lexicon

The main issue what is the basic in development of the newborn?Language is fundamental means to open the newborns heart.Especially love language.In addition, there are two things which teachers and parents need to know both.The lexicon is the most important, and cards with the text and the picture are the major tools.Show to the child of a card with the text very quickly, and then he will learn with an improbable speed.LP works at small speed, and software works at very high speed.

More carefully

Further, gradually adding porridges, entirely to replace with it one chest feeding.More carefully with cream of wheat!It is better to begin thus with buckwheat or porridge.And why not with a manna?There are works showing that it promotes falling of hemoglobin in blood.Besides, calcium and phosphorus communicate, and thus rickets is urged on.And it at our children and so meets often.Therefore it is up to one year better to do in general without semolina and mixes containing it.

Choose subjects

Remember everything that you know and think of each of them, think over options of common interests.Prepare and make for a start short personal or telephone contact.Choose subjects for possible conversations and natural initial phrases.Be ready to tell about themselves.Explain that you want to have a talk, consult, check not for long yourself or to share chemto that can be interesting to the interlocutor.Say goodbye.Do not forget to express positive emotions at farewell.


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